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Metabolic Health Initiative is committed to providing you with the very latest science on metabolic health & therapy from the world's top experts in our field! From science to application, learn cutting edge information on the ketogenic diet and metabolic health from progressive physicians, leading researchers, and world-renowned thought leaders by listening to our podcast below or exploring our medical education platform, The Metabolic Initiative.

The Metabolic Link Podcast

The Metabolic Link is a medical and science podcast that explores the common thread of metabolism in health and disease. Join hosts Dr. Dominic D'Agostino PhD, Dr. Angela Poff PhD, and Victoria Field as they dive into the latest research on metabolic health and therapy alongside some of the world’s leading experts. They'll also discuss how this science is being applied in the real world. This is where science meets society. Every Tuesday, we'll be sharing a new episode that uncovers the very latest research on metabolic health and therapy. Please find The Metabolic Link on all of your major podcast players or click below to listen. If you like the podcast, please consider writing us a review. We hope you enjoy!