Metabolic Health Summit

Abstract Preparation and Submission Guidelines

1. Prepare and submit your abstract in a Microsoft Word document or Plain Text.

2. Character count limit: 2500 (with spaces; not including Title, Authors, and Affiliations)

3. Provide all author names, and affiliations.

a. It is the duty of the submitting author to obtain consent from all authors prior to submission of abstract.

4. Each abstract should contain:
a. A sentence stating the study objective (unless given in the title)
b. A brief statement of methods
c. A summary of the results obtained
d. A statement of the conclusions
5. Abstract title and body:
a. Write the title of your abstract in Title Case (i.e. capitalize the first letter of each word, except prepositions) and bolded.
b. The presenting author’s name should be underlined. The presenting author must be a registered attendee
of the conference.
c. Capitalize initial letters of trade names.
d. Use standard abbreviations for units of measure.
e. Other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in
parentheses. Exceptions include obvious abbreviations, such as DNA, RNA, etc.
Please submit your abstract via email to by Dec. 7, 2018.
After submitting your abstract, you will receive a confirmation of receipt email. Once reviewed and
accepted, you will receive an abstract acceptance email with additional information on the poster preparation guidelines and presentation session details. If you wish to withdraw an abstract, email no later than January 11, 2019.
Abstract format example:
Title of Abstract Written in Title Case
Jane Williams 1 , Michael Smith 2 , Thomas Bennett 2 , Elizabeth Adams 1
1 Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
2 Department of Neurology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Abstract body written here, including study objective, methods, results, and conclusions. Character
count limit is 2500 with spaces, not including title or authors and affiliations. Abstract should
be submitted via email by Dec. 7, 2018.