5th Annual Metabolic Health Summit

Join us in May of 2022 in Santa Barbara, CA to learn the latest science on ketosis and metabolic health!

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Where Keto Science Meets Society

MHS is the leading international scientific conference on the ketogenic diet and metabolic therapies. Learn from world-renowned physicians, scientists, and thought leaders over four immersive days!

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Metabolic Health Summit is coming to Santa Barbara on May 5th-8th, 2022!

We're excited to be hosting the 5th Annual Metabolic Health Summit at the beautiful Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort! Enjoy a breathtaking getaway alongside the stunning California coast while learning the latest science on ketosis and metabolic health. In-person Early Bird tickets are now available, and virtual tickets are coming soon...

Metabolic Health Summit is coming to the beautiful Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort May of 2022!

Bridging the Gap

Metabolic Health Summit (MHS) was created to bring two worlds together: science and society. Over four immersive days, we'll bring you only the cutting edge research and applications of ketosis and metabolic therapies from leading physicians from around the world. You'll have the chance to explore the science behind optimizing metabolic health, be inspired by stories of success, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities, and discover the most innovative brands in the space! MHS is where research meets the real world.

What You Can Expect

MHS is unlike any other scientific conference you've ever experienced before. Whether you're a medical professional or you simply want to learn the latest science behind optimizing metabolic health, this event was designed just for you!

  • 4-Days of Groundbreaking Science

    Take a deep dive into the latest research on health and nutrition in dozens of presentations, panel discussions, special interest forums, and an international scientific poster session

  • 30+ World-Renowned Speakers

    Learn from leading physicians, top scientists, and progressive thought leaders who will speak on fighting disease, extending life, and improving human performance.

  • Nearly 100 Innovative Expo Brands

    Explore an expo, connect and collaborate with carefully vetted and incredibly innovative nutrition, technology, and human optimization brands

  • Endless Networking Opportunities

    Enjoy numerous events throughout the weekend offering exciting networking opportunities with thought leaders, influencers, and other attendees

  • A Gala for a Great Cause

    MHS is much more than 4 days of science, application, and inspiration. You'll also have the chance to support the powerful missions behind The Charlie Foundation and MaxLove Project at our semi-formal Gala Dinner! Enjoy a ketogenic culinary dining experience, an awards ceremony, world-class entertainment, and dance the night away... all for an important cause!

  • The VIP Experience

    Snag a ticket to our intimate VIP Mixer -  an experiential event held during MHS designed to provide an engaging atmosphere for our guests to connect over their passion for treating disease, and improving human health and performance through nutrition. Rub elbows with our conference speakers, business leaders in the ketogenic space, and other experts in human optimization over keto-friendly appetizers, drinks, and entertainment!

  • Move for Metabolic Health

    Evidence suggests that movement and meditation may potentially improve our metabolic health. What better way to apply the science and experience it for yourself than at Metabolic Health Summit 2022! Clear your mind and jump start each day of the conference with a yoga or meditation session on the front lawn of our beautiful beachfront resort. Complimentary classes will be announced soon!

What people have to say about the MHS experience

I look forward to Metabolic Health Summit each year. I am always impressed with the caliber of speakers who present at the meeting. I appreciate that the conference represents both clinical and basic science research.  Additionally, the conference has wide appeal as it covers a wide range of metabolic health issues including neurologic conditions, cancer, metabolic syndrome and its related conditions, as well as sports performance. If you are interested in any aspect of metabolic health, this is a can't-miss meeting!

What an incredible conference! Cutting edge researchers, clinicians, and scientists paired with practical, hands-on experts who are using metabolic therapies and strategies for weight loss, diabetes reversal, athletic performance, slowing the aging process, and so much more. What a wealth of information! I can’t wait for the next one!

MHS is the premier event for anyone interested in the latest science and application of low carb nutrition and ketosis. Continuing in their tradition of excellence, this year’s 5th event was bigger and better in all ways. Hats off to the team at MHS for hosting this meeting that shines light on a topic that is transforming medicine and the health of the population.

As a founder of a cancer-related non-profit, I have been to many academic and industry conferences, but never one that combines the two in such an impactful way. In the course of a long weekend, I was able to see presentations from the premier researchers in metabolic diseases and therapies, connect with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other practitioners using metabolic therapies, and learn about dozens of new products that can make metabolic therapies easier for the population I serve. I can say unequivocally that Metabolic Health Summit was the most useful conference I’ve ever been to.

Never has a conference given me so much personally--conversations, friendships, collaborations and intellectual stimulation. The benefits are truly unquantifiable.

Last year’s event was one of the most comprehensive and well attended meetings on the subject I have participated in. I am looking forward to the upcoming Metabolic Health Summit which will again provide an overview of the wide-ranging importance of the ketogenic diet and ketones in the prevention and treatment of disease.

There are a lot of options for conferences pertaining to health and most are great but the Metabolic Health Summit stands head and shoulders above the rest. I've never experienced a better run event, both for the speakers and the attendees. The MHS folks strike an incredible balance between theory and practical, formal education and informal social connection building. If I could attend or speak at only one event, it'd be MHS.

This year’s Metabolic Health Summit was beyond informative. Hearing how ketogenic metabolic therapy can optimize many aspects of health and also mitigate disease was inspiring. Learning the science behind the growing list of benefits of ketogenic metabolic therapies is affirming. As a nutrition professional, I’m armed with new evidence to bring back to my clients. Thank you for another amazing conference. I’m looking forward to the 2021 meeting in Santa Barbara!

I found this meeting to be a unique opportunity to share, collaborate, and learn from specialists in very diverse fields, all of whom are studying ketogenic diets in different ways. I know of no other meeting with such a great mix of specialties.

Metabolic Health Summit is a compilation of thought-leaders and scientists who are pioneering the ketogenic conversation.  No other conference is able to truly bridge the gap between science and practical application.  MHS not only delivers the highest quality science and information, but also ignites a renewed purpose for ketogenic therapies and all of their potential applications.  You will leave here not only filled with an understanding of the latest science, but inspired to go out and leave a positive impact on the world.

This was my first MHS but it definitely won't be my last! The quality of the speakers with a mix of researchers and clinicians was outstanding.  Even more impressive, however, was the engagement of the attendees. Having the larger purpose of supporting The Max Love Project and The Charlie Foundation, plus providing the highest quality education created an atmosphere among the attendees that is unmatched. I look forward to coming back next year!

If you're eager to learn more about the latest science into metabolic therapies and their practical applications, you don't want to miss this event. The fact that the conference I attended in February 2017 attracted the most renowned experts in the industry and so many participants from all over the world speaks for itself: It's a great place to expand your knowledge, be inspired and connect with peers- whether you're a professional or a patient.

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