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Presentations & Panels Package


Presentations & Panels Package

If you missed Metabolic Health Summit 2019, you can still catch our speaker's groundbreaking presentations by making a one time purchase of only $59.99! In addition to receiving the talks, you'll also gain access to all MHS 2019 QnA panel discussions for FREE! This video package includes 6 in-depth panel discussions and 27 presentations by: David Ludwig, MD, PhD, Dale Bredesen, MD, Stephen Cunnane, PhD, Jong Rho, MD, Georgia Ede, MD, Adrienne C. Scheck, PhD, Thomas Seyfried, PhD, Angela Poff, PhD, Loren Nations, DVM, DipABVP, Brad Sorenson, Blair O'Neill, MD, Adam Nally, DO, David Diamond, PhD, Aubrey Marcus, Mark Sisson, Dominic D'Agostino, PhD, Robb Wolf, Jeff Volek, PhD, RD, Drew Manning, Eric Westman, MD, Ryan Lowery, PhD, Jacob Wilson, PhD, Sarah Hallberg, DO, Andrew Koutnik, MS, Suzanne Ryan, Jen Fisch, and Matt & Megha of KetoConnect! Panel QnA on Neurological Disorders also includes special guest, David Perlmutter, MD!

This video package will be available for a limited time only, and provides viewing access only.

Disclaimer: Viewing this content confirms that you understand the material is for educational purposes only and is not nutritional and/or medical advice. Always seek advice from a licensed medical professional prior to implementing any treatment plan for a medical condition.

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